Charging station EcoFlow DELTA Max 2000, 2016Wh

DELTA Max expands the capacity up to 6 kWh with additional batteries, providing power to your home in any emergency.

Fast dual charging: Charges from 0 to 80% in 1 hour by combining AC charging and the EcoFlow intelligent generator.

Powering multiple devices: Looking for something to power heavy devices like a refrigerator and dryer With X-Boost, the DELTA Max can easily handle devices up to 3000 watts.

Portable solar generator: stay powered no matter what. DELTA Max connects to 2 x 400W EcoFlow solar panels for a maximum charging speed of 800W.

  1. Smartphones, TVs and electronics
  2. Power banks and charging stations
  3. Charging stations
  4. EcoFlow charging stations

Back up your home during power outages with the DELTA Max. With an extended capacity of up to 6 kWh, dual charging and the ability to power home devices, your appliances can stay on in any situation.